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Taxation from $200/Annum

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Our Corporate Taxation Services include:

  • Preparation and Filing of Estimated Chargeable Income (ECI)
  • Preparation and Filling of Form C and Corporate Income Tax Return
  • Preparation of Supporting Documents for computation of taxable profits
  • Detailed Tax Computation
  • Attending to tax inquiries raised by the tax authorities and replying thereto

Today, businesses can either be compliant or be padlocked. IRAS has been strictly enforcing taxation laws, and complying is essential to securing your long-term business success. Submitting an accurate and correct tax return is crucial, although it does not necessarily mean paying more than you ought to.

Take up our Singapore corporate tax services today and be tax-smart. Comply with government taxation regulations without unnecessary overpayments. Obtain a comprehensive tax plan, so you can make legal and legitimate decisions today that will make you tax efficient in the long term.

Here is a downloadable Tax Computation Format for your reference.

Should you have any queries, send an email to us @ [email protected] or contact us @ 6272 0820.