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Bookkeeping when done right can be totally fuss-free.

We go one step further and make it enjoyable for you as well.

Compilation of Financial Statements from $500/year

Most private limited companies in Singapore are no longer required to have their accounts audited if they satisfy certain conditions.

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Exempt private companies

  • Which have no corporate shareholders and no more than 20 individual shareholders.
  • With turnover of less than S$5 million for the accounting year can file unaudited reports.

Margin Wheeler provides full account services, drafting of unaudited financial reports for exempt companies and offering audit service through our associated audit firms.
Our audit services include all financial statements designed specifically to comply with ACRA’s and IRA’s statutory requirements.

*Fees may increase depending on the complexity of the accounts.

You may download a sample unaudited financial statement from here for reference.

Should you have any queries, send an email to us @ [email protected] or contact us @ 6272 0820.